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08 December 2015

Head Boy Interview

How long have you been here for?

I have been at the school for 8 years.

What has your best experience been when looking back on your time here? 

Each year we hold a summer Arts Festival and when I was in year six I was Hamlet. The residential Kent trip was an excellent out of school adventure, I took part in Kayaking and cooking and learned loads of new skills. In 

Tell me a great memory?

When the school moved to the amazing Manresa Road site, it was lovely to be with the year 8s as its with first time we were with the upper school. The campus was more spacious and dynamic.

What is your favourite room in the school?

Definitely the Maths room because it was my form class twice, I love Maths and Miss Marwah has great displays. 

What are the teachers like?

The teachers are very fair and always want to help and extend our learning though giving us different activities and educational games. They support our learning further by giving us the opportunity to take part in after and before school booster and challenge clubs. 

What does your role of Head Boy include?

My role includes being a role model to the younger children and assisting the teachers, looking smart and very importantly being Head of the Charities Committee.

Which teacher has had the most influence on you and why?

Miss Kim because she was fair and teaches well as she gets all the material in, we do lots of active things, the boundaries are very clear and it is fun!

Which Head Boy have your most looked up to?

Alex G because he was a good role model and what I aspire to be. He was smart, kind and a good swimmer. 

What has been your favourite club?

Media club. We ran ‘News for Tuesday’. It was a news for school programme and I was the Anchor Man. 

What are the relationships like between the children?

Everyone is friends with everyone and I see year eights talking to year ones. The school has an atmosphere of kindness, friendliness and family. 

Do you play in any sports teams?

I play in 1st 11 in football, I swim in the galas and also swim for Brompton Swim Club.

Which school are you moving to when you finish at The Hampshire School? 

I have a place at St Pauls. 


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