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The Hampshire School Parents’ Association

Parents’ Association (PA)

Parents with children at The Hampshire School, Chelsea, gain automatic membership to the Parents’ Association with parents contributing a charge £30 per child per year. The Parents Association is a mechanism for informal liaison between parents and the School. The object of the Association is to promote the spirit of community within the school by organising a variety of events and to fundraise for charities. It is a wonderful way for parents to become involved in school life. Regular communication between parents is important in helping us build a supportive and welcoming school community.  The Parents Association Committee (PAC) organises social functions throughout the academic year for parents to meet, network and enjoy fun activities as families. As an active member of the PA, new parents, whether they are relocating from overseas or members of the local London community, all are warmly welcomed into The Hampshire School community as if it were an extension of their own family. For clarity, it is not the remit of the Parents’ Association to discuss educational matters. It is recommended by the PA that any issue that a parent may have with the School is directly addressed with the School, via the member of staff with responsibility for the area in question.

The Parents’ Association Committee (PAC)

The PAC is an informal liaison body between parents and the school. Members of the PAC hold posts of responsibility including: Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Charities Coordinator, Events Coordinator, Communications Coordinator, New Family Liaison.

The PAC’s main purpose is to instil a sense of community throughout the School. Its objectives are:

  • To encourage and enhance communication between the parents and School
  • To maintain the flow of information with the support of the Class Representatives
  • To raise funds for social events and donations to chosen charities
  • To provide transparency of the finances through an annual publication of the PAC accounts.

How to become a member of the PAC

PAC membership is voluntary. As in all voluntary positions, it requires time and dedication. Parents may present their candidacy to join the PAC on the condition that;

  • they have served for at least one year as a Class Representative or that they have actively taken part in PAC and School events the previous year.
  • are willing to develop original ideas to help achieve the objectives of the PAC
  • have time and enthusiasm to attend PAC meetings and organise PAC activities and projects
  • agree to sign a Confidentiality Agreement regarding all discussion pertaining to the PAC and a Data Protection Agreement in line with current General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

Expressions of interest can be received by any member of the PAC, or the Head. Current members of the PAC have to present their candidacy every year. Candidacies will be approved by the Head.

The PA (i.e. all parents who have children at The Hampshire School, Chelsea) will be invited to vote for the candidates during a dedicated period. The candidates’ photographs and biographies will be made available to the School community one week before the vote.

The commitment to the role is for one whole year. Once elected, the members of the PAC will decide how the different positions of responsibility will be allocated amongst themselves. The Chair is named for one year only, unless otherwise unanimously agreed. The Vice-Chair must have served at least one year on the PAC ad becomes Chair after one year of service, if re-elected, unless unanimously agreed.

PAC Members Academic Year 2017-2018

Christine El Asmar
Claudia Shomade
Lily Kawaguchi
Sophie Georget-Roukline
Noreen De Launay

The Role of the Class Representative

The role of the Class Representative is voluntary. The aim is to create a social network among the Class’ parents and to help build a sense of community. At the beginning of each new academic year, the PAC, with the full support of the Head, asks for volunteers and it is hoped that the invitation to become a Class Representative attracts two parents from each Class. 

The Class Representative seeks permission from their Class parents for their contact details, in line with GDPR, which are circulated to parents. It is hoped that the Classlist app (see below) will facilitate and support effective communication between parents which can be particularly helpful when parents are organising birthday party invites and other social occasions. Please note that the School cannot, by law, give any contact details to third parties, including school parents.

Class Representatives may also organise mini events to enable parents to get to know each other, for example; coffee mornings, lunch, drinks and visits to London attractions.  The Class Representatives support the PAC with whole school community events such as the Cocktail Party, Samaritan Shoe Box operation, Christmas Fair, Second-hand Uniform Sales, Book Day, UN Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day Breakfast, Fun day, Sports Day, amongst others.

Classlist App

Recent data protection changes mean parents now rely on a variety of informal channels to contact each other, ranging from ad-hoc email lists to social media groups on Facebook and WhatsApp. These can work well but raise important concerns over inclusiveness, security and safeguarding - particularly when used to distribute personal data, and exchange information and images about children.

Working closely with the School’s Parents Association Committee (PAC), we have looked carefully at what might serve parent needs best in this area. This summer we are reintroducing the “built for purpose” app called Classlist which is fully compliant with General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

Classlist enables parents to find and contact each other securely, whilst giving each parent complete control over what data is shared. Classlist, which is UK based, holds appropriate security and GDPR certifications and recently won top prize at BETT.

All parents who register for Classlist need to be approved by the School before they can become a Classlist user. To register, go to and select ‘The Hampshire School’.  Once registered and approved, parents can choose what data to share.


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