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At the Hampshire School Chelsea, we want to nurture a culture where all children feel listened to, empowered, valued and respected by all members of the school community.

We believe that by engaging our pupils as active participants in their education and making a positive contribution to our school and local community they are developing the confidence to argue, value and debate important topical issues that can lead to improved change. 

How do we listen to pupils at the Hampshire School Chelsea?

Development Groups – Instead of one school council, we have expanded provision and set up six development groups to lead and develop a particular aspect of school improvement. Each group consists of eight pupils in total (one pupil from Year 1-8) in order that older pupils can mentor younger pupils during enjoyable and regular meetings with a select member of staff. The different development groups are: Eco, Community, Mind Body and Soul, Innovative Technology, Houses and Food. Each development group works towards an outcome. Recent outcomes include: Wellbeing Week, Red Nose Day and Charity Fundraiser at Battersea Park, Community Day, Innovative Technology Day, Green Day, Half Measures Sugar Reduction Initiative, Daily Food Feedback Initiative

Form Periods – During two daily form periods, at the beginning and end of each school day, pupils are invited to ‘reflect’ and share their thoughts on their learning, their concerns and they are encouraged to raise questions about homework, projects and any upcoming school events. 

Pupil Voice Time – Every Friday afternoon, each class has a dedicated pupil voice time. Every pupil will discuss and debate topical issues ranging from current affairs to the PSHE curriculum and be expected to share their opinions. Furthermore, through whole school debates where every year group will debate the same motion, pupils will develop a ‘voting voice’ where they learn the skills required to speak in public, the art of reading an audience’s reactions, the willingness to hear another’s arguments and the ability to think on their feet in formulating a response.

Pupil & Teacher Time – As with our pastoral philosophy, we firmly believe that all pupils are only able to flourish in a nurturing environment. Pupils are encouraged to approach any member of staff in order to share their view, thoughts, questions and concerns. Teachers will always give pupils an opportunity to talk when needed. 

Pair Talk – During assemblies, there are regular opportunities for pupils to share their opinions in relation to the theme of the day’s assembly. Pupils are first encouraged to share and debate their views with another pupil and then encouraged to ‘speak out’ by standing up and sharing their point of view with the rest of school community.

Pupil Attitudes to Learning Questionnaires – We question all pupils on a bi-annual basis about how they feel about their learning. School leaders are then able to spot any potential barriers to learning which can then be discussed with individual pupils.


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