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17 September 2020

BLUE PLAQUE PROJECT: Blue is the colour

BLUE PLAQUE PROJECT: Blue is the colour

More than 180 blue plaques across London record the rich and diverse contribution of notable residents to the history of the borough of Kensington and Chelsea. Through our whole school initiative to rebrand the House system at the Hampshire School Chelsea, we are encouraging all of our pupils to research, learn and discover new information about some of the incredible lives that have shaped our community.
Pupils, staff and parents will vote for their favourite London resident over the coming week and the winners will go forward to rebrand the school House system.
Whether it be a broadsheet, tabloid, social media post or Twitter feed, preeminent individuals always had an intriguing link to the classical past. In Ancient Greece and Rome, the heroes of the time represented myth, intrigue, good and evil, lust, worship and envy. They were individuals graced with the mark of celebrity.
One notable ‘influencer’ from the past, often noted for being the first modern celebrity, was Alexander III of Macedon, commonly known as Alexander the Great. Not only was he acutely aware of his own star power, he wanted to ensure that everyone knew about it as well! Therefore, as part of a huge entourage, King Alexander had painters, sculptors, historians, a philosopher (Aristotle!) and even gem carvers on his battles too. As he was acutely aware, recording his achievements and influence on society became a priority - just imagine what his Instagram post would look like today…!
As the presentations from pupils continue, with the sense that blue plaques representing past lives are thriving and being recognised by a modern community proves that, luckily, society’s notables are alive and well in 2020.
Mr McSherry


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