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When children join our EYFS setting they follow an enriched version of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Programme.

Learning is practical, hands-on and tailored to and guided by each child’s choice and interests.

The EYFS profile assessment is underpinned by an understanding that language is central to our sense of identity and belonging to a community, and recognises and values linguistic diversity.

We are aware that pupils enter our EYFS setting at a variety of stages in maturity and academic ability, and that children learn in different ways. We cater for children's individual needs within each area of the curriculum, building on their existing understanding and experiences. In play, children learn much about themselves and the world around them. The children are, therefore, given daily opportunities to explore and investigate in free play situations alongside their more formal teaching. Forest School supplements the indoor provision with the outdoor environment to develop independence, improve language and decision making and raise self-esteem through small achievable tasks.

The EYFS curriculum is based on four principles:

• A unique child

• Positive relationships

• Enabling environments

• Learning and development

Learning and development are categorised into three prime areas of learning:

• Communication and language

• Physical development

• Personal, social and emotional development

Additionally, there are four specific areas of learning:

• Literacy

• Maths

• Understanding of the World

• Expressive art and design


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