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14 September 2021

Together Again!

We were blessed with glorious weather on the 6 September to welcome the children back to a new academic year. It was so wonderful to see everyone reconnecting or indeed meeting for the first time. My personal highlights have been having the whole school in the hall for our start of term assembly, observing the  teachers supporting the children to settle back to onsite learning and seeing parents collect their happy and excited children at the end of the day.

The ethos of the school is encapsulated within our Core Values; our pupils are challenged, learn and achieve in their academic endeavours whilst personally developing resilience, responsibility, respect for all and striving for excellence. Our school progress plan is central to our success and I am delighted to share with the whole school community the priority areas for this academic year: embedding the values of community, going the extra mile in sport and developing confident, articulate, learners.

Being a confident, articulate learner is an essential life skill. Dialogue and oracy are integral to learning and the ability to articulate ideas and engage with others effectively is always at the heart of our teaching and learning. Through Philosophy for Children (P4C), PSHEE, drama, English, LAMDA, English Speaking Board examinations, Development Group initiatives, Pupil Voice and across all areas of the curriculum and co-curricular activities, the children are encouraged to critically examine the ideas and views expressed by others and respond appropriately and confidently, knowing that their voices are valued. Furthermore, we want them to appreciate the diversity of languages, dialects and accents in the school and value the experience and contributions of children with a wide variety of linguistic backgrounds. 

This is the start of a very exciting and productive year for all and I do hope you will take the opportunity to read our Progress Plan which is attached, click here to view. 

I will be delighted to share more details on this at 17:30 on the 28 September in the library, prior to the Senior Schools Fayre which begins at 18:00. The Senior Schools Fayre is open to parents of all year groups, please join us for refreshments at the event. Please confirm your attendance by emailing Miss Healy at

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  • 14 September 2021

    Together Again!

    We were blessed with glorious weather on the 6 September to welcome the children back to a new academic year. It was so wonderful to see everyone reco...

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