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10 February 2021

If we are more fortunate than others, we build a longer table.

If we are more fortunate than others, we build a longer table.

As a school, we are very proud to uphold the Core Values at The Hampshire School Chelsea and this week I am delighted to be able to share our progress with our support for the local community.

We have teamed up with Thomas Franks Catering Ltd to deliver more than 300 meals over a three week period. With our kitchens as the base for preparation, the meals will provide a lifeline to those who are most in need of our support including those families facing homelessness.

In addition to this, the funds raised, totalling over £200, from our ‘Touch of Christmas’ event have been donated to a local school, Westbridge Academy, through School–Home-Support (SHS); a charity endorsed by Royal Patron and parent of two of our pupils here at the school, Lady Frederick Windsor. I am immensely proud of the way that our community gives so generously to others and I would like to thank our pupils for their commitment to our community projects. The funds raised have supported the purchasing of a reading book for every child at Westbridge Academy, a school situated just a stone’s throw away, south of the river, in the heart of Battersea. It is a small primary school that serves a wonderfully diverse community and I am pleased to confirm that we will continue to collaborate through joint educational initiatives to support children from all backgrounds, through SHS, to attend school and be ready to learn. 

Through partnerships with schools, local authorities, and communities, SHS looks beyond the classroom to understand and tackle the issues affecting children’s learning, such as: poverty, inadequate housing, and mental ill-health. Since 1984, they have used early intervention to break intergenerational cycles of deprivation and low aspiration.

For parents that want to help there is much you can do. For further information and to see the initiatives being driven by Lady Frederick Windsor please follow the link to HELLO! Magazine online, for the latest appeals to help Britain’s most vulnerable children and families during the Coronavirus pandemic, and beyond. 
If you wish to donate, I am sure you will know that just £15 helps a child to study online with wifi access for a month, £60 buys shopping for a week for a family and a donation of £100 can help to get a child ready for school by providing a new uniform  



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  • If we are more fortunate than others, we build a longer table.

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    If we are more fortunate than others, we build a longer table.

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