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19 November 2020

Healthy meals and healthy minds

Healthy meals and healthy minds

As part of our annual review to make sure we are at the top of our game, we appointed family-owned caterers Thomas Franks in September to continue our healthy meals provision. "We're conscious that good food is life-enhancing as it impacts on physical health, nutrition and mental wellbeing. The right food can also boost memory and concentration so our children are ready to learn," says Head Dr Edmonds. 
The new caterers incorporate many of these super foods into school meals, and only use natural sweeteners such as beetroot juice to reduce the sugar content in food. 
Regular items on the menu include tuna, brown rice, kale and broccoli and snacks include cut fruit selection, carrot and cucumber sticks, fruity flapjacks and oatmeal cookies, for example as our catering provision extends beyond lunch to snacks for breakfast, after school clubs and bus journeys. Pupils can also choose from daily soups, a visually-exciting salad bar, healthy desserts and only one day of cake!
"Our school meals not only look good but are also helping our pupils on their educational journey," says Dr Edmonds. 



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