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04 October 2019

United Nations Day 2019

United Nations Day 2019

United Nations Day at the Hampshire School Chelsea will always be an emotive and special experience when the primary aims of securing international peace, eliminating poverty and protecting human rights are at the forefront of our minds.

It was a pleasure to enjoy the performances of every year group during assembly at the very start of the day.  The process of devising, rehearsing and performing a variety of pieces together promoted pure citizenship education where every pupil played an active part.

Through our dedicated Pupil Voice Time in the build-up to this day, the pupils have learnt about the UN’s values, purpose and like the flag presented above whilst exploring the key theme of equality. This key theme fed through Mr Robert’s presentation before he guided Year 6-8 through a UN Style debate activity and trade game which provoked much discussion and moments of avid debate. The debating reminded me that the challenges facing the world today – such as climate change - are not localised but require international action for generating the global solutions needed to address these global problems.

In addition, all children’s personal development is enriched when they encounter stories, talks and presentations where they can see themselves and the world in which they live reflected. Diverse literature belongs in every classroom and library -- on the shelves and in the hands of children, librarians, and teachers. With this in mind, I would like to thank our parent volunteers that visited school to provide a snapshot of why their culture is so special to them. It's important for children to have access to books and literature that reflect their experiences, as well as the experiences of their classmates.

Pride and enthusiasm were evident as the upper floor of the Library became a-wash with a multitude of national flags, symbolically draped in a protective manner over their nations’ stall which were thoughtfully and passionately promoted by our dedicated parent representatives. This part of the day’s programme, where the pupils travelled from stall to stall stamping their ‘passports’, provided them with a flavour of our different nations and cultures.

A wonderful day fuelled by a wholesome and diverse lunch. Thank you again to the Hampshire School Chelsea staff, parent and pupil communities for their contribution to today’s successful events.


Mr McSherry


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