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15 November 2019

The Early Years Learning Experience – Dinosaur Day!

The Early Years Learning Experience – Dinosaur Day!

This half term, the children in the Reception classes have been learning all about dinosaurs and prehistoric animals.  The children were launched into their new topic with ‘Dinosaur Day’ and they dressed up as dinosaurs or palaeontologists. They found dinosaur foot prints in class, found giant eggs and hatched their own dinosaurs from ice eggs, which certainly left them excited to learn more. During free flow play, our team of Reception dinosaur experts loved creating dinosaur skeleton art work. 

Teachers led inspiring lessons to promote writing, a key focus for this year. The children were presented with a multitude of writing opportunities based upon the book ‘Dinosaurs Love Underpants’. The main character wrote a letter to the children to help him to design a new pair of pants because his current ones had ripped! The children designed and created a new pair of pants and wrote a letter back to the dinosaur to tell him that they made new pants for him. They then had to use descriptive language to describe the pants and were fully immersed in learning, producing beautiful pieces of writing.

Their exploration for the dinosaur topic did not stop there. They explored measuring in mathematics using both standard and non-standard units of measure, began to understand how to use a ruler to measure and where to start measuring from. They all demonstrated good use of mathematical vocabulary in their free play.

The children cannot wait to further their knowledge and expand it over the seven areas of learning when visiting the Natural History museum in 2 weeks’ time - what an exciting learning experience for Reception!


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