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13 March 2020

Pupil Voice: Eco Development at the Hampshire School

Pupil VoiceInterview with Nico M.  - Year 4 Eco Development Group Representative.

Nico (Year 4), a Pupil Voice representative in the Hampshire School Chelsea's Eco Development Committee talks about what he has learnt and the worked the committee is doing. 

What do you know about food waste?

Through our Eco Development Group meetings, we’ve learnt that there are different types of ‘waste’ - production waste, spoiling waste and plate waste. ​  Also, 1.3 billion tonnes of​ food is wasted every year.

Why is it harmful?

When waste is burnt,  that creates more pollution and gases that are harmful to the environment. We should think about donating to charities! If you have a tray of bread leftover after lunch - donate it to a charity and don’t throw it in the bin

What is the Hampshire School Chelsea doing to combat this?

We meet with our Head Chef, Janvier, to understand our schools waste in terms of numbers. We have looked at the weekly numbers for food waste and have understood that the cost of every kilo of waste is £1.70. So, over a  week, that is £150 which is too high!

What is the Eco-Development Group going to do about it?

We will be discussing the numbers with the whole school and then suggest ideas which can reduce waste and protect the environment. Hopefully, we will see the weekly waste go down!





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