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19 September 2019

Pupil Voice Programme

Pupil Voice Programme

In most schools, pupil voice is driven by one school council that manages, listens to and aims to reflect the views and opinions of a school’s pupil body. At The Hampshire School Chelsea, as well as dedicated form periods, we run six development groups. Each group is formed of eight pupils from Year 1-8 who arrange minuted meetings with a select member of staff. Every meeting is focused on developing and improving a particular aspect of school improvement which will drive towards an outcome. The six pupil-lead groups: Eco, Community, Mind Body and Soul, Food, Innovative Technology and Houses produced: Wellbeing Week, Eco Day, Community Day, Red Nose Day at Battersea Park, Tech Day and at lunch, menu change with weekly pupil feedback.

This year, the school has further developed its ‘Pupil Voice Programme’ to include dedicated pupil voice time (PVT) for Year 1-8 on a Friday afternoon. This will provide further opportunity for every pupil to discuss their feelings about school, from both an academic and pastoral perspective to ensure that they are active participants in their education. Furthermore, every pupil will be expected to express their views and again, be active participants in decision-making on a variety of issues. This dedicated pupil voice time will also include the opportunity to develop a ‘voting voice’ where whole school debates will occur.

To begin the term, the pupils have completed a questionnaire which aimed to measure their attitudes towards themselves as learners and their school environment – a useful task that will support all staff in preparing each pupil for this exciting year ahead.

Mr McSherry
Deputy Headmaster


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