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28 May 2021

PGL Trip

PGL Trip

“Feel the fear and do it anyway” is a phrase that can be so helpful, despite its counterintuitive nature. Those of us who went on the PGL trip this month found ourselves fighting the fixed mindset of “I can’t” and “It’s too scary”. Of course here I speak only of the staff, as the pupils rallied round with their growth mindset attitudes and helpful words and chants of encouragement (Zoey and Amy in 6H - thank you because without your support this teacher would not have made it past the third log on Jacob’s Ladder!). 

It really was delightful, after a year of being apart and unable to partake in school trips, to be outdoors in a challenging but supportive and fun environment. Our pupils came into their own, relishing the challenges they were faced with and supporting each other as they exceeded their own individual targets and expectations. Whether it was overcoming a dread of the dark, or the hatred of heights, personal goals were smashed and friendships new and old were nurtured across year groups.  

“I got to socialise with people I don't really talk to most of the time and getting to know them made it more fun”

Feedback from pupils was wholeheartedly positive about the instructors, the support of their peers, the range of activities and, of course, the delicious packed lunch supplied by our chef Konrad and his team! 

“We remembered that the world would be better if we all worked together”

On behalf of the staff who accompanied our pupils on the day, I would like to thank the pupils themselves for their positive mindsets, community spirit and their conduct on the trip. We hope that, whether you are staying with us or moving on next year, it remains a highlight in your memory of your time here with us. 


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