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01 May 2020

Head's Message 1 May 2020

Heads Message 1 May 2020

Celebrating the spirit of The Hampshire School Chelsea Community during this defining period in our history

We are living through a unique era and a defining period of history. While ‘Clap for our Carers’ provides an opportunity to show our appreciation for the healthcare workers on the front line, we also need to pause to acknowledge and celebrate the extraordinary level of resilience our pupils are demonstrating at this time. Changing daily routines can be overwhelming. Yet away from the rhythms and routines of school life, the pupils remain enthusiastic and engaged learners. I am incredibly impressed by the work ethic and maturity that the children are demonstrating with their e-learning and the way they are adapting to new ways of working.

There is great strength and a spirit of togetherness in the school community during these uncertain times. Virtual learning is providing new challenges and I am struck by the breadth of imaginative and creative solutions that are emerging across the school as teaching staff respond to a significant paradigm shift within education. We are adapting in ways that would have been unimaginable just a short time ago while our Core Values: Respect, Responsibility, Resilience, Community and Excellence remain central to our approach and guide our practice as a reflective learning community. Our Growth Mindset approach is also continuing to drive achievement and it has never been so necessary for our successful navigation through this unprecedented time.

The quality of resilience was a key focus of my assembly this week and I found that I really required a Growth Mindset in order to achieve my objective. I attempted to demonstrate the skill of folding paper to create an origami rabbit. One may ask why origami and a rabbit at this time! Like many of us grappling with being at home, I am rediscovering past skills and interests. Origami was an interest I enjoyed whilst I was living in Japan. What I had not anticipated was the level of challenge it would present. Not only did it take hours of practice and failed attempts to create a figure that resembled, to some extent, a rabbit, it reminded me of what we expect from our pupils when we talk about our Growth Mindset approach.

I wanted to give up when I was surrounded by scrunched-up pieces of paper representing my failed attempts. However, I remembered that fail at our school stands for ‘first attempt in learning’. We encourage the children to approach challenges as opportunities and to learn to show resilience when those challenges stretch them.

I may not win a prize for my origami rabbit but I am developing a new skill and a new sense of achievement. It is through challenges that we exceed even our own expectations and, in line with our school motto, 'Alte Spectemus' - Aim High.

Dr Pamela Edmonds



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