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13 July 2021

Art Exhibition Competition Winners

Art Exhibition Competition Winners

Thank you for all of your hard work to complete your artwork and to make it your best effort. I am very proud of all your efforts and Miss Hynes and I hope you enjoyed the exhibition.

We were very honoured to have Rohays and Sasha as the judges of our art competition. They work with the Young Art exhibition and are extremely appreciative of the arts.

This year’s winners are:

Nursery:  Nour (clay foot)

Reception: Dastaan (clay foot)

Yr 1:  Suleyman (cave art)

Yr2:  Ibrahim (ancient symbols painting)          

Yr 3: Cordia Roman shield)

Yr 4: Jacob (Roman mosaic)

Yr 5:  Eve (painting of a phoenix) 

Yr 6: Freddie D (octopus drawing)

Yr 7-8: Ava (Colosseum painting)

Overall Winner:  Art Club for their work on the sarcophagus, mummy and Medusa

From our judges:

We were very honoured to be invited back to judge your completely fabulous and imaginative exhibition, you have all made incredible work.  It was just so joyful and uplifting to experience, well done and many congratulations to you all for your wonderful talents!

It was very hard to choose the winners amongst so many imaginative works and we were very inspired by all of you! The ones we selected in the end seemed to stand out for us in terms of their original approaches and interpretations. We were very sad not to be able to be there to present your prizes in person. 

I'm sure Miss Macleod and her wonderfully thoughtful teaching will continue to encourage and inspire you to continue making extraordinary work, keep painting, drawing and imagining!!

Nour: You made a really wonderful footprint in the clay and chose a beautiful colour with loads of interesting sculptural patterns. That is why we choose yours.

Dastaan:  Your footprint was excellent. We enjoyed that you had added such a detailed design in the surrounding clay and loved the colour you had chosen.

Suleyman:  We chose your lovely picture as it was a very original interpretation of a cave painting and full of interesting little details, particularly the asymmetry of the composition and vivid action of the warriors - we also loved the rows of fish! We'd love to have it on our walls.

Ibrahim: We chose your cave painting as we liked the simplicity of the design, your decision to use just black and gold gave it a real impact which made it stand out from the rest.


Cordia: Your shield was full of intricate and original details and beautifully made. We thought it was very elegant and refined, so we had to choose it.

Jacob: We really liked your attention to detail on the fruit, applying very thoughtful and intricate shapes and textures to the different fruit. We could easily imagine it in a Roman villa. The fruit looks good enough to eat!

Eve: What a wonderfully vibrant and brilliantly bold painting of the phoenix. We loved how you so expertly blended the strong fiery colours together and managed to create such sophisticated textures with the paint!

Freddie D: This is a beautiful, very sensitively drawn octopus. You should be very proud of your incredibly accomplished drawing skills. The composition is very complex and visceral, we can feel the tentacles forcefully and energetically entangling the anchor. Totally brilliant!

Ava:  A very dramatic painting of the Colosseum. Your refined choice of a few colours, the bold silhouetted Colosseum against the vibrant night’s sky is really striking and atmospheric, transporting us straight back to ancient Rome!

Art Club:  The sarcophagus was an absolutely splendid piece of sculpture and intricate design and brilliantly executed. We really thought one of you might be masquerading as the mummy to jump out and spook us!  

Wow the Medusa is absolutely terrifying, what an immediate impact she had when we saw her. Her light-up eyes and wriggling and intricate snakes, she really made her presence felt and we were careful not to stand directly in front of her eyes, it was a miracle we weren't turned to stone!

Rohays and Sasha

If your children can’t get enough of art in the holidays, why not sign them up to Kids Art in Hye Park - £30 per child, sessions available 11 and 16 July 11-2pm - see leaflet here. 


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