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28 March 2022

Annual Poetry Competition

Annual Poetry Competition

The theme of this year’s Hampshire School Chelsea poetry competition was “Dreams” and pupils in all year groups, from Nursery to the Senior pupils, took part. We were delighted to have Suzy Dixon, Head of the renowned Francis Holland Junior school in Sloane Square, come in to judge our annual competition, this year. She played  an incredible role in feeding back to every contestant with warmth, practical advice and genuine encouragement. 

Held in the beautiful and historic Chelsea library, The competition is divided into two sections - performance poetry from a published poet and a written poem by the pupils on the designated theme of “Dreams”. 

In line with the inclusive ethos of the school, every pupil wrote their own poem and had it displayed on the competition day in the library and all were encouraged to take part if they wished.  The standard was extremely high, with Nursery performing William Wordsworth’s famous poem “Daffodils” to Year Seven and Eight pupils performing Shakespeare monologues. 

It was wonderful to have parents in to school to see their children perform and display their talent at composing their own poems.

It was a vibrant and celebratory morning of creativity. We thank Suzy Dixon and all the pupils for their incredible contributions.


Performance Poetry

Dream Poems


Isabella - 1st

Willow-Grace - 2nd

Daniel N - 3rd

Arden - 1st

Daniel R - 2nd

Sienna - 3rd


Edward - 1st

Rayan - 2nd

Emily - 3rd

Alman - 1st

Mariam and Ace- 2nd

Alnur - 3rd


Sofia - 1st

Luca - 2nd

Timur - 3rd

Saif - 1st

Sulaiman - 2nd

Nicholas and Sulaiman - 3rd


Anaya - 1st

Maud - 2nd

Tammy - 3rd

Omar - 1st

Rogeen - 2nd

Maud - 3rd


Alexandra - 1st

Jayden - 2nd

Sebastian - 3rd

Sophie - 1st

Emmeline - 2nd


Amalia - 1st

Eve - 2nd

Derin - 3rd

Eve - 1st

Madison - 2nd

Esther Marie - 3rd

Year 7

Gabriel  - 1st

Dourer - 2nd

Laura - 3rd

Andrew - 1st

Brad - 2nd

Gabriel - 3rd

Year 8 and 9 

Majed - 1st

Ava - 2nd

Alex - 3rd

Ava - 1st

Olivia - 2nd


  • WW1 Workshop

    28 March 2022

    WW1 Workshop

    Year Seven and Eight visit the National Army Museum

  • Nursery Round-up

    28 March 2022

    Nursery Round-up

    The nursery children have experienced a wealth of enrichment activities this half-term.

  • An Egg-citing Arrival!

    28 March 2022

    An Egg-citing Arrival!

    The Pre-School were delighted to receive duckling eggs.

  • National History Museum Trip

    28 March 2022

    National History Museum Trip

    On Friday 4 March, Year Two visited the National History Museum.

  • Music Department News

    28 March 2022

    Music Department News

    The Music department has presented three concerts this term.

  • Roald Dahl Museum Trip

    28 March 2022

    Roald Dahl Museum Trip

    Year Three and Four had an exciting day at the Roald Dahl Museum on Tuesday 15 March.

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