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At The Hampshire School, we offer exceptional enrichment support for gifted children and for children with special and extra support needs.

In our enrichment programme, gifted children receive:

  • additional learning and support with advanced curriculum learning and specialist teachers
  • tailored provision for each gifted child’s specific subject and activity talents
  • advanced teaching and homework assignments with performance reviews and lesson observations
  • regular assessments, monitoring, recording and reporting

Multiculture and Linguistic Diversity

We know that mastery of multiple languages is academically and culturally advantageous.

We encourage exposure to multiple languages and cultures for all school members. We meet the diverse needs of children who have English as an additional language.

Special Educational Needs (SEN)

At The Hampshire School, every child is treated as an individual.

We aim to help each child reach their academic potential, to develop a love of learning and to feel happy, confident and valued.

We work closely with children who have special educational needs to develop tailored learning programmes to help them achieve their academic goals and enjoy the all-round activities at The Hampshire School.

MAGT: More Able, Gifted and Talented

Gifted and talented children receive personal provision across the curriculum.

At The Hampshire School, lessons have planned MAGT activities to extend gifted children with independent learning.

Children who excel in skills such as sport, leadership or the arts also receive tailored instruction. All art, PE and music lessons offer differentiated learning to nurture and extend MAGT children.

MAGT children are also offered extracurricular extension with After School Programmes, Master Classes and signposting to outside agencies.

Identifying gifted and talented children

We have a variety of means to identify the gifted or talented child:

  • Assessment data in core subjects (English, Maths and Science)
  • NFER results
  • PIPS
  • Common Entrance Examination data
  • Teacher/ Head of Subject assessment in other subjects
  • Teacher referral observations in lessons
  • Outside referrals (Educational Psychologist reports, etc)

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