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Our Curriculum

The Hampshire School curriculum is tailored to the needs of the pupils and their future aspirations. While the National Curriculum is a useful starting point, the curriculum is enhanced to ensure that every pupil is motivated, inspired and challenged. We want your child to be the best they can be and for that a growth mindset is required.

A Growth Mindset approach encourages every pupil to relish challenge, develop a diverse range of strategies to problem-solving, to view mistakes as ‘portals to learning’ and to use the phrase ‘I cannot do that……yet’. ‘Yet’ is the word that encourages hard work, perseverance and resilience, builds self-esteem and confidence. ‘Yet’ will mean your child will continually improve and develop a life-long love of learning.

When children join our EYFS setting they follow an enriched version of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Programme. Learning is practical, hands-on and tailored to and guided by each child’s choice and interests. The EYFS profile assessment is underpinned by an understanding that language is central to our sense of identity and belonging to a community, and recognises and values linguistic diversity.

The EYFS curriculum is based on four principles:

• A unique child

• Positive relationships

• Enabling environments

• Learning and development


Learning and development are categorised into three prime areas of learning:

• Communication and language

• Physical development

• Personal, social and emotional development


Additionally, there are four specific areas of learning:

• Literacy

• Maths

• Understanding of the World

• Expressive art and design


We are aware that pupils enter our EYFS setting at a variety of stages in maturity and academic ability, and that children learn in different ways. We cater for children's individual needs within each area of the curriculum, building on their existing understanding and experiences. In play, children learn much about themselves and the world around them. The children are, therefore, given daily opportunities to explore and investigate in free play situations alongside their more formal teaching. Forest School supplements the indoor provision with the outdoor environment to develop independence, improve language and decision making and raise self-esteem through small achievable tasks.

Teachers work collaboratively to ensure that a child’s transition between the EYFS and Year 1 is seamless. In the Pre-Preparatory (Years 1-4) and Preparatory (Years 5-8) classes are small and a personalised and individual approach is embedded so that the learning style and pace is appropriate for every child. We introduce an increasing array of specialist teaching in English, mathematics, science, French, art, music, drama, ICT, swimming and Physical Education leading to specialist teaching in all subjects as the pupils’ progress through the school. By Years 6, 7 and 8 the curriculum is planned specifically, though not entirely, according to the requirements of the 11+ and 13+ senior school entrance tests and Common Entrance requirements of the leading independent senior schools. High academic standards and achievement are supported through a close partnership with parents to ensure that pupils’ individuality and talents are celebrated and allowed to flourish.

English is at the heart of the curriculum; the ability to communicate effectively in English, infer accurately and respond with sensitivity is vital to a child's development at The Hampshire School. A balance is sought between linguistic and literary, oral and written, creative and technical skills. Mathematics develops patterns of thinking and it is the tool and language of science and technology. Inquiry, collaboration, and an emphasis on process-based learning are at the heart of our approach to science, technology, engineering, the Arts and mathematics (STEAM) which encourages wonder, critique, inquiry, and innovation. We also place great emphasis on equipping our children with the emotional literacy they will require to negotiate the vicissitudes of life and thus to find happiness and fulfilment.

Physical Education, music and the Arts play a central role in developing a child’s confidence, social and personal skills and in these curriculum subjects we incorporate and encourage a variety of key attributes including enjoyment, perseverance, resilience, communication, team work and leadership. Our extra-curricular activities programme is extensive and these activities are about discovery of interest, talents and passions. The alchemy that happens when ‘opportunity’ meets ‘yet’ is very powerful and all our pupils at The Hampshire School flourish and enjoy celebrating their achievements.

The National Curriculum for England is divided into Key Stages:

Campus Key Stage Age on Entry National Curriculum for England Year Group
Early Years 
(Wetherby Place)
Early Years
Foundation Stage
Rising 3 Years Pre-Nursery
3 Years Nursery
4 Years Reception
Pre-Prep and Prep School
(Manresa Road)
Key Stage 1 5 Years Year I
6 Years Year II
Key Stage 2 7 Years Year III
8 Years Year IV
9 Years Year V
10 Years Year VI
Key Stage 3 11 Years Year VII
12 Years Year VIII


Download our Curriculum Policy and our Prospectus.

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