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13 December 2019

Shaping the Future with Teamwork

Shaping the Future with Teamwork

With 21st century technology advancing at such a rapid pace, it is an exciting time for future generations, who are preparing for future job roles that may not yet exist. Teachers today have the privilege of nurturing and supporting pupils as they learn to manage the unexpected with skill and confidence. So how do we prepare our pupils for the future?

Teamwork is vital in helping pupils achieve a comprehensive education and learning the essential skills of co-operation and collaboration. The teamwork between children, teachers and parents starts as soon as children join us in our Early Years setting where pupils learn this through play and sharing and engaging in problem solving activities and interacting co-operatively with their peers and teachers. This extends through to Pre-Prep, where collaboration is encouraged through peer-reviews and hypothesising together. Group work in the classroom teaches children to respect the opinions of others and foster the confidence to share ideas in a safe environment. In sports, pupils from Year 2 compete against other schools, which teaches them about team work and how to support one another.  In the Prep years, our Development Groups allow pupils to take on roles and responsibilities, encouraging leadership skills and teamwork.

The curriculum at The Hampshire School Chelsea focuses on being able to apply, rather than absorb knowledge and explaining and giving reasons for answers and solutions. Our Pupil Voice programme allows pupils to discuss their feelings about school to ensure they are active participants in their education, reinforcing working as a team. Furthermore, our Core Values hone the qualities of respect and resilience – key interpersonal and social skills that are so essential in a workplace. 

Teamwork is embedded into everything we do at The Hampshire School Chelsea and is modelled in relationships between pupils, pupils and teachers, and teachers and parents. We have no doubt that this essential skill will prepare our pupils well for whatever the future may bring them.

Katherine McDonald

Director of Studies


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