The Hampshire School Chelsea Rated Excellent in ISI Inspection 2022

Posted: 22nd August 2022

The Hampshire School Chelsea is delighted to announce that it has achieved ‘Excellent’, the highest judgement in its latest inspection by the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI).  The report confirms that all standards are met and that the quality of the pupils’ academic and other achievements, and the quality of pupils’ personal development, are excellent reaffirming that The Hampshire School Chelsea is a highly successful school that fulfils its aims.

Incoming Head, Richard Lock, commented on the report saying, “It is wonderful to take the reins of an officially excellent school. The dedication and hard work of everyone at the school has been recognised by the inspection team and I look forward to leading the school forward over the coming years.”

Dr Pamela Edmonds, the previous Head of The Hampshire School Chelsea remarked: “I am delighted that the inspectors have given the highest accolade for every aspect of school life and have acknowledged the excellent standard of learning, high academic achievements, as well as the strength of the personal development of our pupils at The Hampshire School Chelsea. Whilst this outcome will come as no surprise to those within the community, we are thrilled to have our excellence and progress recognised in the report. Our pupils constantly impress us with their exceptionally high levels of achievement and personal growth. Of particular note is the reference to the school’s values being deeply instilled and the pupils talking passionately about the great strides they have made since joining the school. This level of success is due in no small part to the school community, pupils, teachers, leadership and governance for their unreserved commitment to embedding a love of learning through an inspired, personalised and enriched educational programme that enables every child to fulfil their ambitious aims.”

The report describes the pupils as highly articulate and confident in their communication across all areas of learning and states; “Pupils’  knowledge, skills and understanding are of a high standard”. Pupils’ attitudes to learning are excellent and the pupils take considerable pride in their work. Of particular note is the reference to our excellent track record of senior school transitions with acknowledgement that: “Pupils achieve highly in entrance examinations for their chosen senior schools” and that “the Early Years children achieve above national expectations” and demonstrate “excellent levels of phonics knowledge and communication skills by the time the pupils enter Reception”.

Furthermore, the inspectors found that pupils display great self-confidence and self-esteem. They confirm that “Speaking skills are remarkable”, which resonates with the school’s aim to enable articulate learners. The inspection team verified that pupils’ writing demonstrates creativity and empathy, that care is taken in the presentation of work, that there is an extremely high standard of artwork displayed throughout the school and pupils achieve well in maths. They also witnessed the more able pupils being challenged and attaining higher levels of attainment than those of their age with pupils across the school able to “develop the ability to analyse, evaluate, think creatively, hypothesise and draw conclusions”.

The inspection supports what we see every day. The pupils are proud of their school. They have the ability to empathise with others. embrace and celebrate their differences, respecting and valuing the cultural diversity of the school and making positive contributions to the school and the wider community. The report states that “The family atmosphere enables pupils to express their thoughts. and feelings” and the “pupils’ exemplary behaviour and their understanding of the impact of their actions on others are promoted by leaders’ high expectations throughout the school”. The school community are delighted that the report confirms that The Hampshire School Chelsea meets its aim to inspire confidence and respect through high expectations academically, socially, and emotionally through an enriched, high-quality education delivered in a reflective learning environment where pupils make rapid progress and are prepared for an ever-evolving world.

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The Hampshire School Chelsea

15 Manresa Road, Chelsea, London, SW3 6NB

Francis Holland Preparatory School opening in September 2024 on the site of The Hampshire School, Chelsea
On 29th November 2023 Francis Holland Schools Trust acquired The Hampshire School, Chelsea and will be governing the school for the remainder of the 2023-24 academic year.
From September 2024, Francis Holland’s Junior School, at Sloane Square, will relocate to the site of The Hampshire School and open Francis Holland Preparatory School for girls aged 4-11.
To enquire about admissions to Francis Holland Preparatory School please visit Francis Holland Prep Admissions
 To find out more about Francis Holland Prep, please visit the Francis Holland School, Sloane Square website
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