At The Hampshire School Chelsea, we introduce each young child to the thrill of learning in a warm, nurturing environment. Our children learn through play, with the curriculum and play-based experiences ensuring that each child is supported and challenged in their learning environment at their own pace.

Ages for joining

Children can join The Hampshire School Chelsea in Pre-Nursery class during the term they turn three. At Nursery level, the key focus will be on developing social, language and physical skills while aiding children in settling into their new learning environment.

As each child progresses, they will learn numeracy and literacy concepts while exploring creative and world topics. The learning they will achieve during this time will build solid skills for the Reception year.

Enhanced Learning Opportunities

The Hampshire School Chelsea Early Years curriculum follows the Early Years Foundation Stage guidelines whilst providing enriching learning opportunities with specialised teaching. Each child’s learning is enhanced through weekly lessons in French, sporting activities, swimming, dance, ballet, music, art, ICT and library sessions with our teachers.


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In the Centre of Chelsea

15 Manresa Road, Chelsea, London, SW3 6NB

The Hampshire School Chelsea

15 Manresa Road, Chelsea, London, SW3 6NB