The Arts

At The Hampshire School Chelsea, the arts and music form a vital part of the curriculum, supporting the development of all-around skills from a young age.

We are a school rooted in the performing arts. With our extraordinary heritage as a school founded by the celebrated acting dynasty of the Hampshire family, performing arts continue to play a meaningful role at the school in nurturing essential life and creative skills. This is achieved through our timetabled drama, music and singing lessons, poetry recitals, music concerts and Chelsea Ballet lessons.

Through the performing arts programme at The Hampshire School Chelsea, the children learn to collaborate and work together as a team towards a shared performance goal in which each child’s journey of development is showcased. Perhaps most importantly, these opportunities also allow our children to be playful and creative, explore their curiosity, try out new things, express their feelings and emotions through movement and drama and embrace challenges as opportunities across the breadth of the curriculum.

To register your child for music lessons at school, please fill in the Instrument Lessons Booking form and send it to or hand deliver it at Reception.

In the Centre of Chelsea

15 Manresa Road, Chelsea, London, SW3 6NB

The Hampshire School Chelsea

15 Manresa Road, Chelsea, London, SW3 6NB