Pastoral Care

We believe happy, resilient and confident children will make excellent progress in all aspects of their daily lives. A strong partnership with parents, based on clear two-way communication, will provide the best learning environment for all pupils and ensure they feel safe, cared for and listened to.

At the Hampshire School Chelsea, Pastoral care is organised through the three Sections of the School: EYFS (Pre-Nursery, Nursery and Reception), Pre-Prep (Years 1-4) and Prep (Years 5-8).  Each has its Head of Section, who oversees the pastoral care, working with a dedicated team of teachers and teaching assistants. Overseeing each section is the Head of Pastoral Care.

We’re here every step of the way

Every pupil in the School has a Form Tutor from EYFS to Year 6.  The Form Tutor, who will change as the pupil progresses through the EYFS, Pre-Prep and Prep sections of the school, works under the Head of the relevant section. The Form Tutor is the first point of contact concerning a pupil’s pastoral care.

Parents’ Evenings are held annually and emphasise pastoral and academic information. We encourage parents to talk to teachers regularly to support us in monitoring each pupil’s wellbeing. The end-of-the-day dismissal provides a daily opportunity to do so.

On entry to the school, every pupil joins a House overseen by a Head of House, a critical pastoral figure at the Hampshire School Chelsea, providing further care and a community where older pupils support the younger pupils.

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