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The Hampshire School’s all-round pre-prep and prep school education prepares your child for the best destination schools in London and England. Learning is tailored your child’s goals and needs. Our holistic learning programme helps your child to achieve academic and career excellence, and a lifelong appreciation of culture.

We complement the national curriculum with London’s best arts, sports and enquiry-based learning. Our children participate in school plays and sports events. They enjoy regular visits to London’s world-class theatre productions and cultural landmarks. Our aim is to ensure your child excels as an all-round student and as a member of our caring student team.

The Hampshire school has three learning stages:

Early Years school: ages 3-5 at Wetherby Place, Chelsea.

In Early Years, children discover the excitement of learning in a warm and stimulating family environment.

Pre-preparatory school: ages 5-8 at Manresa Road, Chelsea

At pre-prep stage, teaching programmes intensify as children work to achieve high academic standards and to experience the world around them.

Preparatory: ages 8-13 at Manresa Road, Chelsea

Our prep school children receive intensive specialist teaching as they prepare for senior schools.

Curriculum Framework

The Hampshire School curriculum is geared towards the ISEB Common Entrance 11+ and 13+ entrance exams. Our framework is based on the National Curriculum for England from Foundation Stage to Year 8 and the Independent Schools Common Entrance examinations syllabus. We regularly assess and evaluate students to make sure each child works to school and career goals.

Your child will have access to state-of-the art ICT at each level for early familiarisation with global technology.

The National Curriculum for England is divided into Key Stages:

Campus Key Stage Age on Entry National Curriculum for England Year Group
The Hampshire School
(Wetherby Place)
Early Years
Foundation Stage
Rising 3 Years Pre-Nursery
3 Years Nursery
4 Years Reception
The Hampshire School
(Manresa Road)
Key Stage 1 5 Years Year I
6 Years Year II
Key Stage 2 7 Years Year III
8 Years Year IV
9 Years Year V
10 Years Year VI
Key Stage 3 11 Years Year VII
12 Years Year VIII


Download our Curriculum policy and our Prospectus for more.

 I want to be a teacher and the only place where I want to teach is at The Hampshire School! 

- Constance, Age 9

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