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Read what our parents had to say about our school.

 We couldn’t wish for a more kind, loving, inspiring and motivating environment for our son Freddie than The Hampshire School, we are thrilled to watch him thrive and develop by the day. I believe his enthusiasm for learning, as well as being kind and helpful towards others truly mirrors the values and lessons from all the teachers and staff at The Hampshire School.

- Ms Anne Benedikte Eyser Thulstrup (Reception parent)

 The Hampshire School Nursery is a hidden gem in the heart of Chelsea. In our son’s first week, he went swimming, visited Forest School, practised for the annual summer play and enjoyed dance lessons! He also learned how to run in a relay race for the annual family sports day event.

He’s just three, so we never anticipated that he’d have the chance to participate in such a holistic curriculum. He attends in the mornings at the moment. I almost feel bad picking him up early!  

The teachers are so incredibly supportive, approachable and informative. Because of this, he’s settled very well and quickly. He is thriving.

The Parents’ Association is also a huge asset to the school. They welcomed our family with open arms and throw the best parties! 

- Mrs Claudia Shomade (Parent of child in nursery)

 I moved my son from an overcrowded state school to The Hampshire School Chelsea in his fourth year. That was three months ago.

I am absolutely delighted at the quality of education he’s receiving at The Hampshire School and the number of friends he’s made.

I’m equally impressed with the family atmosphere and environment provided by the school’s superior staff.

Knowing that my son is being challenged academically and emotionally nourished in a safe, caring and happy environment is beyond priceless. I no longer worry that he may not be receiving the proper foundation for his future studies.

The Hampshire School sets high, attainable goals for all children. The wonderful teachers give so much of themselves to ensure every child has the chance to excel.

I wish I had made this move sooner, but can honestly say that it’s never too late to make a move for the better. My son agrees and has not wanted to return to his old school.

Our entire family thanks The Hampshire School, Chelsea for all they do. We highly recommend this school to anyone looking for a more positive environment for their children.

My special thanks go to Miss Ollie, Mr Brennan and Miss Charlie. They are the most inspirational, valuable and empathetic staff and teachers that we have come across. My son is blessed to have them guiding him in his primary education. 

- Ms Ema Popya (Year Five parent)

 The Hampshire School was absolutely the best choice for our family.

Our eight-year-old son joined the school in Reception. He quickly made strong friendships and learned at an amazing pace. He is now in Year 3 and part of the student council.

Our daughter has made so much progress at the school.

The school agreed to place her in pre-nursery, even though the proper age entry point would have been nursery, which is one level higher.

Our daughter's teachers worked with her individually so that she could be placed in Reception the following year with her peers.

The school’s flexibility and understanding means our daughter is performing wonderfully. She is a truly happy little girl.

The most unexpected benefit to my wife and I is the lasting friendships that our family has made with the Hampshire community.

We regularly get together with other families. We have made friends who come from many different places. We are so happy that those bonds are so strong.

The Hampshire School will always be special to our family. 

- Mr and Mrs Thomas (Reception and Year Three parents)

 The remarkable balance between high academic standards and a caring environment made the Early Years School an easy choice for us. After our first year, we remain very confident that we made the right choice. 

- Ms Anderson (Reception parent)

 Arthur has been at the school for three and a half years, since nursery.

It has been an amazing experience for our child and our family. We really appreciate the school’s holistic approach.

Everything is important - academics, sports, art and much more. The children can blossom in all areas. This helps them learn and progress while enhancing their emotional intelligence.

The communication between the families and the school is very good. The continuity and links are excellent.

The teachers are fair but firm. They have great balance. The learning is differentiated, which helps every child make good progress and succeed.

My child has a strong feeling that he belongs in the school. He has solid friendships. The teachers are very approachable and open to suggestions. 

- Mrs Ennabli (Year One parent)

 My two boys came from a different school system. My husband and I have been incredibly impressed with the way The Hampshire School integrated both children on a personal level while encouraging such high academics.

Now my two boys are so very confident. This is huge thanks to the school.

The Hampshire School Chelsea, has really pushed my children when they needed it, but in such a nurturing and clever way.

The school really is such a positive environment. All of the children feel included.

Choosing a school before we arrived in London was very difficult. We did a lot of research. We definitely made the right the choice and have not looked back since.

The Hampshire School is so happy and all-encompassing. Children are allowed to grow in their own way and have their unique talents harnessed.

I’d be very happy to recommend the school to anyone. 

- Mrs Gloerfelt-Tarp (Year Six and Eight parent)

 The Hampshire School is a wonderful family friendly environment with a connective community.

I highly recommend it to any child looking for a fantastic school. 

- Mrs Mackintosh (Year Six Parent)

 We joined the school in September. My only regret is that we didn't find it years ago for pre-nursery! It is extremely friendly and the pastoral care is superb. Kids work at their own pace in core subjects, following the curriculum. This works incredibly well for my older son, as he takes great pride in going up a group. There are plenty of motivational goals - pins on blazers, house points,"gems" and class cups.

My youngest son is in Reception and is so very happy. His teachers are extraordinary: patient, fun-loving and dedicated. They get so much out of the kids. It really is a lovely school. I moved my older son from another school and the difference is like night and day.

The friendly ethos spills over to the adults too. At the Hampshire School, people not only say hello. They smile, have coffee and playdates.

I also like that the school is very international. There are UN days, choices of languages, books and a sort of global village feel. 

- Mrs Bolton (Parent of Year One and Year Three)

 Our daughters Tara and Nina have thrived since they moved to Hampshire school.

Their self-confidence is strong and their motivation to work and learn is remarkable. Their general demeanour and attitude at home is very positive.

They have even expressed disappointment that Saturday is not a school day!

We are so impressed with The Hampshire School - the teachers and the school’s ethos. We are grateful for the marvellous effect the school has had on our daughters’ lives. 

- Ms Daniela

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