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We provide an outstanding all-round education in a variety of stimulating environments.

Pupils at The Hampshire School enjoy a combination of taught academic classes, sports, arts and musical experiences and lots of enquiry-based learning.

Children regularly visit London’s historical landmarks. Early Years children enjoy woodlands and green learning at Forest School at the Holland Park Ecology Centre.

At school, children use state-of-the-art technology. They thrive with our immersive teaching and in arts, music and sports activities.

The Hampshire School gives your child direct access to London and England’s outstanding destination schools.

Generous time is allocated to weekly swimming, gym, dance and games. Every day, the children spend time every day being  active and exercising away from the classroom.

Entry to the school is based on a meeting and assessment.

We care for each other

All pupils at The Hampshire School, Chelsea are valued, respected and supported.

Pupils created the school ethos “We care for each other,” in the School Charter.

We want pupils to feel a real sense of belonging as they work to meet high academic and social expectations. We have a strong anti-bullying policy.

Curriculum and your child’s individual learning requirements

As a 3 to 13 Prep school, we are a pivotal point between pre-school and senior school.

The Hampshire School’s carefully-designed curriculum introduces children to key learning skills in Early Years. Pupils develop further in Pre-Prep and then in Prep as they prepare for senior school entry at 11+ and 13+.

We carefully track each child’s academic and personal progress, extra-curricular activities and other interests so that we are able to support parents when selecting the right senior school for their child.


Support includes:

  • all pupils being baselined assessed on entry. Realistic targets are set and specific mileposts implemented to monitor progress
  • our comprehensive knowledge of all central London day schools and our links with boarding schools across the country
  • experienced staff with the knowledge, understanding and compassion to ensure that each child receives the right education and makes the move to the right school for them
  • a broad range of extra-curricular and special interest school events to broaden every child's interests and experiences.

The majority of boys leave at 13, although many also successfully navigate the 11+. It totally depends on the child’s maturity, personality, parent desire and school choice. More of our girls leave at 11+, however we have a healthy amount that do stay on and indeed have an intake of girls into year six so we try to keep the balance.

Each child’s progress is continually evaluated to make sure they flourish and their unique needs are met. We adapt our teaching for each child. A kind and encouraging culture of praise is central to our success.

The school’s Enrichment Programme offers specialist teaching for gifted children and for children who require additional learning support.

Clubs and extra-curricular activities

The Hampshire School’s location in central London gives our children fantastic access to our capital city’s vibrant culture.

Pupils regularly enjoy visits to the theatre, museums, galleries, exhibitions and places of worship.

Clubs and activities at The Hampshire School cater for everyone. They include fencing, archery, horse riding at Hyde Park, judo, Irish dancing, choir, drumming, Chelsea ballet, street dance, classics, Spanish and cookery, to name a few! 

We also have academic “invitation only” clubs to support, challenge and extend pupils in the core subjects.

The Early Years

5 Wetherby Place
London, SW7 4NX

Tel: +44[0] 207 370 7081
Admissions: admissions@thehampshireschoolchelsea.co.uk
Enquiries: info@thehampshireschoolchelsea.co.uk

Pre-prep & Prep School

15 Manresa Road, Chelsea
London, SW3 6NB

Tel:+44[0] 207 352 7077
Admissions: admissions@thehampshireschoolchelsea.co.uk
Enquiries: info@thehampshireschoolchelsea.co.uk