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15 May 2020

Year 7 and 8 Stretch their Minds in Maths

Year 7 and 8 Stretch their Minds in Maths

Learning in the mathematics department continues apace, with pupils engaging diligently with their learning and challenging themselves in new and innovative ways. The bespoke Year 7 and 8 mathematics curriculum at the Hampshire School Chelsea stretches pupils’ understanding and skills beyond what is widely expected of children’s learning for their calendar age, with pupils in Year 7 currently getting to grips with further probability and set notation. This international (i) GCSE topic introduces complex new mathematical terminology and notation (ξ / ∪ A ⊂ / BA ∩ B = {2, 4} ) in order to express ideas of interdependency, exclusion and commonality within qualitative and quantitative groups.

Introducing challenging content virtually requires many things, not least fully engaged learners who are motivated to grow and succeed. With this in mind, the mathematics department has recently strengthened our links with Oxford University Press, employing their MyMaths platform, which has the potential to extend pupils’ mathematical knowledge and understanding to ‘A’-Level curriculum content, should a pupil be ready for this. Mr Hart and Mr Hooker are applying this clear yet challenging content in their live lessons to engage our Year 7 pupils further and ensure that each pupil is making progress during this time of online learning that they can be proud of. 

We are working diligently to ensure that pupils progress is maximised during the summer term and we hope our busy parents have time soon to see all the wonderful learning your children are doing online in maths with our new teaching tools. 

Mr Hart, Mrs MacDonald & Mr Hooker

The Hampshire School Chelsea Mathematics Department


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