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Registration Form

Please download our Registration Form and return to our Admissions Office at 

Please kindly note the registration fee per child is £200, non-refundable

Confirmation Deposit

When we offer a child a place at our school, we will ask for a confirmation deposit. This deposit is not refundable if a child does not take up a place at the school.

The deposit forms part of the school's general funds until it is refunded, without interest, after the child's final term, providing the child has attended the school for at least three terms. Should the child attend for less than three terms, the deposit will not be refunded.

UK Residents Deposit (per child): £2,100 

Non-UK Residents Deposit (per child): Full term’s tuition fee 


Parents and guardians must give a full term's notice if they want to withdraw a pupil from the school, or from individual music lessons or the home to school minibus service.

This notice must be received in writing before the first day of the final term. If we do not receive notice, a full term's fees will be payable in lieu. It is the parents' responsibility to ensure we have received this notice and to ensure they receive written acknowledgement.

Please read our Terms and Conditions for further information 


We provide personalised tours of our school. Please get in touch with our Admissions Office to request a tour at a convenient time for you, or book online here

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